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RailcarCo is a dedicated consulting company highly specialized in rail engineering. Our knowledge and technical expertise in the railway industry provides our clients with unique, turn-key solutions for any railway engineering challenge, from concept & design to analysis & development. Our versatility in this field comes from our extensive hands-on experience working with clients worldwide.

The company’s extensive experience combined with our team’s engineering expertise, allows us to anticipate, identify, and avoid potential issues from a system-level point-of-view in motor & non-motor, freight & passenger, and standard & specialized vehicles. Ultimately, we are able to generate sustainable, progressive solutions for any of our client’s needs on multiple continents and railway systems.

Since the demands of the railway transportation industry are continuously developing, then, there is a need for the company to keep up with industry demands. We aim to provide our clients with a one-stop-shop approach for all their needs, but one that can do so with a foundation of accountability and efficiency, all while maintaining a mindset of values commitment to excellence and delivery of the highest quality.


Our team is made up of highly specialized railway engineers and experts, with a combined 180+ years of experience in railway related projects, it is difficult to match our depth of experience in the industry. From passenger to freight, and standard to specialty vehicles, our team is well equipped to furnish the most reliable and superior solutions for our clients. Our team was founded based on the values of; safety first, accountability, efficiency, excellence and attention to detail.

We have worked on some of the most elaborate and high-profile projects around the world, particularly in the North American and European railway industries. With offices and partners around the world, our multidisciplinary team is positioned to help clients worldwide, for whatever project or objective they may require.