Rail engineering: Design, Analysis, and Simulation

Railcarco provides a highly versatile single source with a whole range of design capability and development. We support our clients through integrated rail transport solutions for anything ranging from artistic concept to final stage development of the prototype. Our staff takes great strides to design its products according to the industry’s evolution, often contributing to advancements in designs for anything from a blank sheet, new concept development to the retrofitting of an existing vehicle, to a multi-disciplinary or passenger transit vehicle.

Our dedicated staff adheres to a regimented mindset of designing products to client specifications and administering our engineers, PhD’s, and specialists to not only deliver on requests, but eliminate potential problems before they occur.

In order to do so, our team furnishes integrated packages with bi-directional capability to support concurrent engineering and on-the-go optimization for integrated structural, mechanical, hydraulic, HVAC, and electrical systems, using state-of-the-art software and other in-house developed programs for specific applications.

By definition, we are a railway vehicle design group, carrying out work all over the world, for basically any type of vehicle, and with one of the most comprehensive analysis and simulation teams that have the skills to correlate theoretical models with real operational conditions.

Passenger, motor and non-motor vehicles such as:

  • Locomotives
  • Trams, streetcars and light rail vehicles (LRV’s)
  • Diesel multiple units (DMUs) and electric multiple units (EMUs)
  • Metro trains
  • High speed trains

Standard or specialized equipment and freight vehicles such as:

  • Other AAR and European freight cars like box cars, hopper cars, center partition cars, flat and bulkhead flat cars, any range of well cars and gondolas
  • Various types of Schnabel cars
  • Rail escort vehicles (REVs)
  • Standard and insulated box cars
  • Maintenance-of-way (MOW) vehicles