Testing, Troubleshooting and Certification

As one of only a handful of firms worldwide that supplies services for railway testing, certification, and troubleshooting, our highly trained experts are uniquely positioned to carry out these operations and advise on any issues our clients face. RailcarCo’s team is called upon by companies and customers around the world to prepare and carry out physical tests and data integration for any number of purposes, from structural behaviors and vehicle dynamic simulation, to thermal or aerodynamic performance optimization.

We take pride in our expertise of in-lab, over-the-road, specific, or large-scale testing that can assist our clients with data documentation, certification and regulatory approval, and validation of design, performance specifications and standards. Our competency in with North American (AAR, FRA, APRTA, CFR) and European (TSI, UIC, EN) railway standards as can be exemplified in our extensive portfolio and our team takes into account the unique needs of each client and undertakes whatever steps necessary from integrated testing with numerical simulations and developing testing fixtures with specialized load cells.